12 ft. Double Hanging Swing Strap Kit - Royal Oak Store

12 ft. Double Hanging Swing Strap Kit

  • Set of two 12 foot straps
  • Extra Strong Steel Carabiner Hook and Spinner
  • Nylon is able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers better than Polyester
  • Perfect For Tire and Disc Swings
  • Each Strap Holds Up To 2200 Lbs
  • Carabiner and Spinner Each Hold Up To 1000 lbs
  • Friction Proof
  • UV Resistant
  • 2 inch wide strap to prevent tree damage
  • Extra Stitching
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Smoother ride
  • Picture Instructions Included!
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Set of two 12 foot straps are made of commercial grade nylon and are able to withstand harsh winters and brutal summers without showing signs of wear, and the carabiner hook and spinner are made of industrial strength steel making it nearly indestructible. 
  • FRICTION PROOF and EXTRA STITCHING: We designed our straps as a loop with a 1 foot overlap and to connect the two ends together we stitch in 4 different locations to make it even stronger. At the "knot" you'll find it's double the strap for double the strength to make it friction proof. 
  • FITS ALL SWING and HAMMOCK TYPES: Our double strap kit is perfect for classic tree swings, hammocks, garden swings, toddler swings, porch and patio swings, and even the very popular saucer swings.
  • ULTIMATE TREE PROTECTION: At Royal Oak, we place a great emphasis on designing products that won't damage the beautiful trees on this beautiful planet. That is why we use a 2" nylon strap to wrap around the tree branch of your choice. Not only is this far safer for the tree but it's also safer for your children since it can handles greater loads.
  • WARRANTY and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: To receive our One Year warranty, 100% Money Back guarantee and Quality guarantee you must purchase from Royal Oak or authorized seller Avendale Mall. Thank you for your understanding.